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Oct 2022 The IFU's of LANG-STEREOTEST-R, LANG STEREOPAD and LANG FIXATION aids are newly available in Portuguese, Danish, Dutch, and Czech.

Apr 2022 UK-Market: All products have been registered with MHRA.

Aug 2021 The LANG-STEREOTEST I has been sold out. Please refer to our worldwide distributors (see list), who should still be able to serve you.

Oct 2021 The new LANG-STEREOTEST I-R is now available worldwide. It is conform with MDR. 

Dec 2021 We are constantly striving to improve our products and keep them up to date. Whether you are a user or a distributor, we value your feedback. Therefore, a new feedback-questionnaire for LANG-STEREOTEST products has been published. Download PDF from here.

Dec 2021 New Terms and Conditions of LANG-STEREOTEST AG have been published  recently. Download PDF from here.

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